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Wellness Coaching

Rachel Odland – MA, CWC, CPT

In Person

You can receive Wellness Coaching in person at our comfortable office in White Bear Lake, MN (651) 243-2484

By Phone

You can receive Wellness Coaching by phone from anywhere in the U.S. (651) 243-2484

“Unhealthy patterns threaten to keep us stuck, robbing us of the wonderful life intended for us. If you’re fed up with life as normal and ready to reform your life, I can help. I don’t offer quick fixes. However, if you’re willing to commit to a process of transformation, I’d be honored to work with you.”

– Rachel

What Wellness Coaching is All About

Welcome to North Woods Wellness Coaching where everyone is welcome!  This is the place to get curious, discover insights about yourself, take on challenges, to dream big, and find freedom.  I am here to help you realize your full potential, encourage you, and hold you accountable so you can find clarity, direction, and hope.  

No matter where you are at, I am happy to join you on your journey. As your Wellness Coach, I will walk with you as you make the courageous choice to seek positive life changes. We will walk together through the woods of ambivalence, using several tools as our compass, to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Phase 1: Draw upon your strengths, values, and dreams.

Phase 2: Establish your goals and action steps.

Phase 3: Support and sustain progress.

Phase 4: Celebrate Success, Reflect, Refocus, Reframe.

How might you be supported?

Since any major lifestyle change requires adequate time and effort, we ensure that once you start making progress, you have what you need to continue to make progress.  North Woods Wellness provides multiple ways to support you and keep you going.

  • frequent check-ins

  • accountability and encouragement

  • strategies to use when faced with opposition

  • self-monitoring tools

  • mental focus

  • success journal

  • self-compassion exercises

  • vision board creation

  • resources to support on-going self-discovery

I will help you strengthen your resources, increase self-awareness, and fuel motivation by identifying:

  • what phase of change you are in

  • where you land on the motivation continuum

  • which of the 7 areas of wellness need attention

  • your strengths

  • your values

  • your dreams

How do I know...

If Wellness Coaching is right for me?

Have you ever wonder what is next for your life?  Are you overwhelmed or spinning in indecision?  Are you trying to bounce back after a setback?  Do you want to kick some old habits?  Do you want to  live out of your passions, not your fears?  Do you want to create more balance in your life?  Do you want more mental focus and flow experiences?  Do you want a more fulfilling, meaningful life?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, wellness coaching may be just what you need.

How balanced are my 7 areas of wellness?

Think of a flat tire.

It makes it challenging to steer straight,

makes the ride jarring, tremulous

Can end in a jolt, a clunk, a break down

Leaving you stranded
Not getting you where you want to go

When our “wheel of wellness” becomes unbalanced, it can take all the air out of our tires.

Wellness Coaching does the opposite

It pumps you up with life-giving energy

Brings balance


a compass



To get you


Where you want

  • FREE 55-Minute Wellness Consultation

  • Certified by the National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA)

  • Experienced educator, athlete, and coach

  • Works with motivated adults seeking a positive lifestyle change

  • Accepts Cash, Check, Debit Cards, and Credit Cards

  • Professional, Compassionate, Care from a Christian Perspective